Administration of medicines

Care providers have a legal duty to ‘protect service users against the risks associated with the unsafe use and management of medicines’ (CQC; 2010)
This course promotes understanding of good practice when supporting the medication needs of clients.

Learning Aims

Attendees will gain an understanding of the range of medicines available and the dangers associated with their storage and use. They will receive instruction on the ways in which they may be administering medicines to clients or supporting self-administration.

Course Content

• Use of different types of medicine
• Medicine classification
• Legislation and guidelines
• Receiving and storing medicines
• Safe administration
• Recording
• Safe disposal

Complementary Courses

• Record Keeping and Documentation
• Promoting Dignity and Compassion in Care
• Person-centred Approaches

QCF Links

T/601/9576; Y/601/9571; K/602/3091; F/601/9578; K/601/9574

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