Improving Outcomes for People with Dementia

There is a great deal of fear associated with a diagnosis of dementia; this 3 hour course raises awareness of ways in which good care can lead to improved outcomes for people with dementia. Individuals can experience good quality of life and be happy and fulfilled.

Learning Aims

By sharing their own experiences and learning about ways in which other care providers have used person-centred practices to improve the lives of people with dementia staff will leave the course with ideas for ways in which they can support people living with this challenging illness.

Course Content

• What is dementia?
• Common types of dementia
• Individuality
• Person-centred Care
• Communication
• Positive Interactions
• Meeting diverse needs

Complementary Courses

• Person-centred Approaches
• Promoting Dignity and Compassion in Care
• Challenging Behaviour


DEM201; DEM202; DEM205; DEM207

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