Person-centred Approaches

The traditional model of care provision was institutionalised and regimented; the old approach has its admirers and worked well for a lot of people but it also failed to address the individuality of people who were often on the margins of society.
A person-centred approach looks at what the individual needs and plans care provision to suit them.

Learning Aims

To understand person-centered values and their role in providing appropriate care that promotes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Course Content

• What is person-centered care?
• Person-centred values
• Care planning
• Protecting choice and rights
• Active participation
• Meeting diverse needs

Complementary Courses

• Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
• Improving Outcomes for People with Dementia
• Mental Capacity Act 2005
• Promoting Dignity and Compassion in Care

QCF Links

F/504/4986; A/601/8140; J/602/3180

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