Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers have a significant impact on the quality of life and wellbeing of affected individuals. Preventing pressure ulcers is, therefore, an essential part of good care.

Learning Aims

The course will promote understanding of person-centered approaches to prevent pressure ulcers. Attendees will know why pressure sores happen and what they can do to reduce their likelihood.

Course Content

• Pressure ulcers and their classification
• Structure and function of the skin
• Causes and risk factors
• Risk assessment and screening
• Recording and reporting
• Available interventions

This course does not cover wound healing or dressing and cleaning; if you require training in these areas please contact us on 01823 273185 to discuss your needs.

Complementary Courses

• Assisting and Moving Individuals
• Infection Control
• Malnutrition

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