Promoting Mental Wellbeing

Care providers must put as much importance on protecting people’s mental wellbeing as they do on supporting their physical needs. A significant number of people in residential care experience poor mental health conditions; most commonly depression and anxiety.

Learning Aims

  • Attendees will understand why some people may be at increased risk of poor mental health and will know signs and symptoms associated with common conditions.
  • They will recognise ways in which they can improve or maintain people’s mental wellbeing.

Course Content

• Risks to mental wellbeing
• Supporting positive mental health
• Reducing stigma
• Common mental health conditions
• Using person-centred approaches to encourage lifestyle improvements
• Supporting choice

Complementary Courses

• Promoting Dignity and Compassion in Care
• Mental Capacity Act 2005
• Improving Outcomes for People with Dementia
• Person-centred Approaches
• Safeguarding Adults at Risk

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